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60 Inch Blind Wand

This 60 Inch Blind tilt Wand is a must-have for any who wants to make use of their blinds! The Blind tilt 3 piece pack gives you an extra 6 Inch of reach while Blind tilting your blinds, plus, it comes with a hook grip 3 piece cover that ensures even distribution of light.

60 Inch Blind Wand Walmart

This 12-72 Inch Blind Wand rod is best-in-the-class for blinds and shades! It allows you to tilt the blinds and shades in the correct direction, so you can't see anyone at all! This 60 Inch Blind Wand is a replacement with hook and grip for your previous model, it is fabricated of strong wood and it is going to keep your home safe and wanting tidy. The Blind Wand is going to make your home look like a dream, this 60 Inch Blind Wand is a fantastic value and a top-rated quality. It is clear plastic and measures 3 inches by 3 inches, it is pure genuine and imparts a mini Blind wand. It is top-grade for a small room or for making adjustments, this Blind Wand also includes a mini Blind Wand for height adjustments. This 60 Inch Blind Wand is an enticing accessory for folks with large eyes, it can help to tilt your lightbulbs in all directions without having to remove the blinds. This Blind Wand is likewise simple to use, just twist the handle to turn the blinds in all directions.