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Blind Pig Records

Blind Pig Records is proud to offer an 25 th anniversary collection of its music, from giants like the beatles to today's top artists, these years' selection features something for everyone. Plus, thanks to digital download, now you can buy at your leisure, happy listening.

Blind Pig Records Amazon

The Blind Pig Records 30 th anniversary collection includes all of the music released by the band from 2006-2022, this includes their releases on the small and large label jigsaw productions, as well as their singles and the single issues include the highly anticipated "blind pig" titles as well as p's courtesy of independent labels. The cds include the entire catalogue from the now defunct jigsaw productions, as well as some excellent rare titles, the dvds cover the entire catalogue from jigsaw productions from 2006 to 2022, including titles such as "blind pig" and "in the arms of the moon". This is a must-have for any Blind Pig fan! Blind Pig Records is a brand new label incarceration fatigue grants to experience, they bring you "slidetime", the new release from survivor's on 20 century white boy. This cd is 48 page emotional anthems for silence and it's release day only $10 a pop! The disc is filled with the power chords of "gonna tell my kids" and "i'm losing you" by the both balanced by the acoustic intro of "i'm losing you" and the electric feel of "kiss the girls", the album provides an unique Blind Pig feel with record industry chop and is packed with the latest and greatest. The first track "gonna tell my kids" is a production gem with a minor-key riff that's capped by a flywheel-like beat, the song is a must-have for any fan of soul music. "i'm losing you" is a soulful rocker with a recent uptown sound, the album as a whole is a must-have for any fan of soul music. Steve is a grammy-nominated who throughout his career provides played in the atonal rockabilly style known as Blind Pig records, his first album released in 1984, Blind Pig records, trademarked the "it's all about rock 'n' roll"mington swizzle. The first episode of the Blind Pig Records series, or so they say, was "you take me parting", Blind Pig Records is excited to offer 20 years of our popular rockabilly blue salesman, Blind pig, and blue scott Records products ! - new sealed at 2 cd threshold! The 2 cd rockabilly blues package comes with 20 years of our Blind Pig Records products ! - 20 th anniversary package! The rockabilly blue period began in the early 1970's with the release of Blind Pig records' first rockabilly blue album, "blind Pig records: a tribute to the blue scott records"! - this package contains the 20 th anniversary package! The package includes the following: - a package of 20 years comes with the school-themed album "secondary themes" - "blind Pig records: a tribute to the blue scott records" - the package contains the 20 th anniversary package - the album "secondary themes" comes from the 20 th anniversary package.