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Cars 3 Blind Bags

Our Cars 3 die-cast mini racers Blind Bags are excellent choice to keep your children entertained and purchased! With three Bags in each, their hands can explore different colors and shapes while their parents or other friends help to take them away.

Cheap Cars 3 Blind Bags

These bag are first-class for holding your children's favorite cars, the inside is produced of fabric with a Blind bag inside. The bag gives a variety of pockets and compartments for your children to store their cars, this package contains 10 different disney pixar Cars 3 mini racers die-cast bags. Each bag is a first-rate fit for a specific model and color, the Bags can be used for driving, playing, or storing. This is a brand new, sealed bag for the 3 metal mini racers Blind Bags complete set, these Bags are top for any motorsports or movie modeled vehicles. The Bags are made of durable plastic and are uncomplicated to fill and empty, are you scouring for a new game to play with family and friends? Cars is the game for you! This 3-in-1 single pack Blind bag is terrific for your next game night. With two micro machines, three bags, and a case, you'll be off to the races.