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Corrosion Of Conformity Blind Songs

This is a cd album featuring 16 Songs that have been newly recorded and released as a new cd, the Songs are thrash, sellout, and reissue all put together. This is a first rate album for fans Of duress, power raven, and descendents.

Corrosion Of Conformity Blind Songs Ebay

This is an 16 song version Of the new Corrosion Of Conformity Blind 1991 thrash album, it is recorded by the same band and includes the same militia members. The first song is a much more powerful song about revenge and hatred against those who have done you wrong, the second song is a ballad about person who extends lost their alternative and is goalless. The last song is a metal song about loss Of a loved one, it is a song about human ability to find meaning in life. It is new cd and not a repackaged version Of any other song, the cover and some features are different. This is the new cd version, this song is about how a sense Of Conformity can lead to the death Of art. It is a song Of despair and defeat, the lyrics are written in a cold, monotonous voice: "i'm sorry to say that conformism is the death Of art. " this song is about how a sense Of Conformity can lead to the death Of creativity, it is a song Of defiance and hope. Breathing voice: "i'm fighting for art, not with conformism, but with conformism and noise, " the Corrosion Of Conformity blinds people from their own thoughts, from their own opinions, from the deep down inside. It pulls them down into an abyss Of beneath what they think is important, they are reduced to a state Of pure Conformity blindness.