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Levolor Blinds Mounting Brackets

Looking to buy some blinds? This Levolor blinds Mounting Brackets group is superb for you! With three pairs of perforated blinds, you can be sure that your blinds are of the best quality out there, plus, they're made from a high-quality made of wood, making them durable and long-lasting.

Levolor Blinds Brackets

The Levolor blinds Brackets are first-rate for adding some fun and personality to your car, they are made and are black in color. They come with a mini-blind mount and can be removed for uncomplicated cleaning, Levolor Brackets are top solution to provid enough shade without having to go through the trouble of buying new blinds every time. These Brackets include a Levolor blind in the fabric and with you can place the shade on any window without having to go through the trouble of changing the blinds, these Brackets are top-notch for hiding your blinds! They are sturdy and holding up well to handle and they look great! This product is an 6 pack of Mounting Brackets for the Levolor blinds. They are inside and outside mount shade bracket.