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Lost Kitties Blind Box

Lost Kitties series 2 is a new set of Lost Kitties that you can find online, this Box also includes a Blind carton Box option. The set is good for 5 days and includes a few Kitties in each, each kitty is on a new map and gives a new letter from series 2. The Box also includes a free shipping application and a hologram of the kitties' owner.

Lost Kitties Blind Box Ebay

Lost Kitties is back and he offers found new Kitties in the mouse mania series! In this Blind box, you'll be met with 20 surprises, including a black and white top box, a red and green top box, and a reduced-priced top box, as you open the boxes, you'll find that all the components have been newly designed and improved. The surprises Blind Box features an extra layer of protection against expansion and the mice mania series presents a single, large piece that is sure to keep you entertained, looking for a surrogate to keep your cats company during long drives? A Blind Box figure like the Lost Kitties series 1 tickles Blind Box figurine is enticing for you! With its cute kitty face and technology, your cat will feel wanted and numbered while you drive. The Lost Kitties series 1 lot of 2 is a Blind Box version of the popular character cat box, each Box extends a different kitty in a different pose, from pre-schooler to young adult. The Box is filled with few kitties, but is still filled with the emoji, the Box is meant as a symbol of grove on for the orphans. This 3-pack of Blind boxes are peerless for Lost kittens! They to keep your kitten safe and protected from harm.