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Pilestone Color Blind Glasses

These penguin colorblind Glasses are enticing solution for your child's colorblindness! With our transparent lenses, they can enjoy the show without having to worry about seeing the show in mode.

Pilestone TP-018 Lens A Color Blind Glasses Clip-on for Mild/Moderate Red-Green
Pilestone color blind glasses
Pilestone TP-012 Lens A Color Blind Glasses Casual Style for Mild/Moderate

Pilestone Color Blind Glasses Ebay

The Color Blind Glasses are outstanding solution for shoppers with colorblindness, with their unique design, you can experience what life can be like without any other clothes on. This Color Blind Glasses set is a top-of-the-line alternative to see the world in new ways, these Glasses are for both regular and discerning friends. The lenses are very basic touse and the design makes for a natural look, the tp-012 colorblind Glasses are top-of-the-line solution for people with red-green blindness who desiderate to explore the world in new ways. With its unique design, these Glasses offer an alternative to people who are type travel Glasses are top-of-the-heap for people with spectacles or contact lenses, the lenses are water resistant and the frame is manufactured of heavy-duty plastic for extra stability. The Glasses can be easily converted to blue-green Glasses by using the converter available on the go, our Color Blind Glasses are first-class solution for people with red and green Color blindness. They are made from durable and comfortable aviator-quality glass, and provide good vision in dark or dark-ommodored areas.